This collection embodies my compassionate energy, intuition and trusty determination to progress. It is movement as growth, it is aloneness as independence, charged by the vitality of my Missouri spring garden and its determination to simply exist, despite my neglect and the looming abandonment. It bursts because it must. This collection is my pathway to more, infused with vibrant, green, new energy, salted with a hidden softness born of self-compassion through solitude, edgy with self-reliance, and bolder as things must become to change.

The introspective energy that once again summons and pushes me has jolted me from my winter dormancy back to a path of infinite potential. These herbal salts reflect the boundlessness of ideas, of knowledge, and of being in the right place at the right time. Of putting yourself where you need to be. And of leaving when you should. About leaving something of your energy behind. It is trust, inexplicably instinctual.

It is hard not to embrace spring’s assertive penchant for change, recognizing that the discomfort of new beginnings is often a necessary catalyst for progress with all the vibrant fresh shoots of mint, parsley and the robust depth of new oreganos and thyme. Spring’s unwavering commitment to renewal, the inception of new life following a period of rest, serves as my beacon. The hyssop, germander, and wild chicory volunteer to play muse.

The universe put me in Missouri for a reason, and my garden was the respite inside the reason. Now as its abundance flowers in the form of tulips, oxeye daisies and strawberry petals bud into my instincts, I offer some of my wildest ideas, giving this last moment in my Missouri herb garden the respect it deserves.

Fresh, new flavors push boundaries and openness. As I align my growth with the essence of spring, significant transformations unfurl within me, both metaphorically and physically. As I prepare to depart from my sanctuary in southern Missouri, I am drawn towards the infinite potential that awaits me, propelled by an energy that calls out to me, luring me with the possibility of exploration of boundless ideas, new avenues, and creative approaches to thinking and living. In this moment in my southern MO spring garden, where solitude was my haven, I am given the gift of security to go at it all alone, as change typically beckons us to do.

All of the plants seem emboldened by decisiveness through the various budding, sprouting, blossoming, and burgeoning, and serves as a poignant metaphor for my own impending changes. With each new shoot, I am reminded of the determination needed to propel forward.

Along with my southern Missouri sanctuary, this collection is what I leave behind to inspire, provoke and stimulate all that passes through the energy of a life and the home I am preparing to leave. With great appreciation for my sweet little southern Missouri life, this collection marking this exact moment in time offers me back my natural sense of freedom that can only come with change and self-authenticity. This last collection in Missouri connects me deeper into my intuition so I can continue to wander and learn, as I was born to do.

These herb salts are both cooking and finishing salts, representing beginnings and endings, much like my time here in Blue Eye, MO.

Use generously and creatively.



*Herbal Roots herbal salts are crafted and available seasonally: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

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