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Fall 2023: My Liminal Space (Thanksgiving Kit)


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Crafted from a garden existing in its own transitional realm, this collection of fall herbal salts not only embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving with its metaphorical nod to noticing but also captures warm, traditional, and pungent flavors reminiscent of Puritan-era Thanksgiving feasts. The collection together welcomes creativity, celebrates tradition, and evokes comfort only defined by fall. The main herbs, including sage, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, and bay leaves, have thrived in unseasonably warm weather, infusing them and thus these salts with extraordinary vigor and vibrance. Spring herbs like parsley and chives, budding into a sort of rebirth add fresh depth, while summer herbs, typically past their prime, contribute an unexpected, sensual, and spicier character, reminiscent of toasted cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, fresh ginger, and vanilla-laced allspice. Collectively, they compose a delightful blend of the familiar and the extraordinary, each thoughtfully tailored for a variety of courses and dishes gracing both modern and traditional American Thanksgiving tables. Versatile, full of flavor, and replete with warmth, love, and whimsy. Each offering originates from a distinct liminal space in the garden, each symbolizing a transitional state within the narrative, a story that can only concludes where the cook guides it, much like any departure from the liminal. All salts can be used as cooking and finishing salts. Use generously.



Fall 2023: My Liminal Space (Thanksgiving Kit) | Herbal Roots
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