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Sultry Sage Herbal Squash Salt


Fresh Herbs: Cilantro, Vietnamese Coriander, Parsley, Mexican Oregano, Lemon Thyme, Lemon Basil, Chives, Strawberry Leaves & Flowers, Evening Primrose Leaves, Syrian Oregano Flowers, Echinacea Petals, Chamomile Flowers Produce: Watermelon, Serrano Chili Spices: Guajillo Chili Powder, Ancho Chili Powder, Habanero Chili Powder Citrus Zest: Lime Zest Other: Dried Mango, Housemade Mango Chamoy, Maldon Salt

Warm, woody, floral, smoky, and spicy are typical words to describe musky perfumes, and yet they also perfectly convey the essence of this sensual herb salt. With sultry floral undertones and petals of all kinds wrapped around smoky toasted spice notes, embedded in a chestnut-esque salt woven together with tiny, oven-dried ribbons of fresh red kuri squash. Adding to the allure are pungent umami-evoking herbs like marjoram, rosemary, and sage. Complexities are understated as they intermingle in this lavender-forward exotic, pie-spice essence herb salt with hints of maple and vanilla dancing alongside flecks of chili heat. While it’s an obvious choice for your fall squash dishes, this herb salts reminds us that sultry knows no bounds. Use it to enhance the flavors of meats, cheeses, grains, beans, and everything in between.

Sultry Sage Herbal Squash Salt | Herbal Roots
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